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Medical facials are a remarkable way to nourish, hydrate, and revitalize the face by cleansing the pores, improving tone and elasticity, softening wrinkles, and keeping the skin healthy and lush on an ongoing basis. We offer 5 spectacular medical facial experiences that are designed to meet a wide range of skin care needs.Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary with all facials.

To prepare for the medical facial, we begin by cleansing the skin and a thorough assessment by our experienced skin care specialist to determine its type and unique needs. Then, we follow with exfoliation to remove dead cells and the gentle extraction of any blackheads and whiteheads. The clean, prepped skin is in an ideal state to absorb the mask and Serum Therapy. Nourishing Serum Therapy delivers the active ingredients of nourishing serums (hydrating, anti-aging, hydronic acid, vitamin C) with ultrasound waves deeper than topical application alone which resurfaces and repairs the skin more quickly. Then, a relaxing pressure point massage improves blood circulation and radiance.

We specialize in…


Hydrating Facial

The Hydrating Facial focuses on boosting the glow of your skin by cleansing, hydrating and conditioning flakey, dry complexions. Pure, nutrient-rich moisture can transform the driest of faces and restore its fresh, natural appearance. Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary.

Oxygen Infusion Facial

The Oxygen Infusion Facial is a popular, innovative facial treatment technique with a host of rejuvenating benefits: increases circulation, plumps and hydrates, brightens the complexion, deeply cleans the pores, and restores the skin’s natural glow. Oxygen, in a constant low-pressure stream, is applied to the surface helping to carry along vital nutrients into the depths of the skin so that they are deeply absorbed in a more effective way than ever before. It is an ideal solution to improve both the appearance and health of dry, aging, or sensitive skin– although its benefits are wide-reaching for any individual wishing to achieve a naturally luminous face. Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary.

Anti-Aging Facial

The anti-aging facial breathes life back into aging skin by promoting collagen production, hydration, blood circulation, brightness, and elasticity– while reducing dryness, fine wrinkles, capillaries, and redness. Like the Hydrating Facial, pure, nutrient-rich moisture transforms the driest of faces to restore its fresh, natural appearance– but, the Anti-Aging Facial targets the specific needs of aging skin in a more focused way. Experience a youthful glow with the regenerating, firming Anti-Aging Facial. Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary.


Deep Exfoliation Facial

The deep exfoliation facial revives dull, oily skin thick with layers of dead skin. The candidate for this often has a history of blackheads, breakouts, and large pores since oily skin tends to shed more skin cells than other types, which stick to the surface and clog the pores. This type of skin may also occur when the face has not had the preventative care of a facial in a considerable amount of time. Deep exfoliation gets rid of these dead, accumulated cells so that new, healthy tissue may form, resulting in healthy, glowing skin that is smooth to the touch. Even more, we exfoliate away the dull signs of aging to restore polish and luster. Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary.

Sensitive Skin Facial

The Sensitive Skin Facial is a gentle, restorative facial that is kind to easily irritated, thin skin that is prone to sensitivity, rosacea (redness), inflammation, flakiness, and visible facial veins. While giving your skin the hydrating, nourishing benefits of a facial, we give special, gentle care and attention to the needs of sensitive skin by thoroughly calming and cooling the face while preventing future irritations by improving resistance to external factors. Vitalizing eye treatment mask is complimentary.

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